Google Earth Feed

Google Earth Feed

View the race inside Google Earth

Viewers can if they wish consider accessing our Google Earth based yacht tracker instead of the tracker embedded in the race website.  Each has the same automatic update function.

If you are using our desktop or mobile site, please use the following process to access yacht tracker via Google Earth.

  • Download Google Earth onto your desktop, or if using a mobile device, it is available at the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for android users.  Links are below.
  • Return to the Google Earth Feed option on our website and click on Noakes Sydney Gold Coast KML file below.
  • That will take you back to Google Earth to follow the race, with the race rhumb line and boats presented on the satellite image in Google Earth.

Key links below

Google Earth.


Download the Google Earth application, then download the Noakes Sydney Gold Coast KML file to open it in Google Earth.

A download of Google Earth is available at the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.