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Moneypenny's Line Honours chase

Moneypenny's Line Honours chase

Moneypenny's Line Honours chase

**Every sport has a niche, a small group of competitors that raise the bar, defy the odds of what is possible, and change people’s perceptions of where the limit of performance lies. Running has ultra trail running, car racing has Paris-Dakar, and the world of sailing has offshore maxi yachts.**

In this article, we delve into the world of the offshore mini -maxi  entered the Noakes Sydney Gold Coast, exploring the cutting-edge advancements that set them apart, the intense competitions that showcase their capabilities, and the passionate community that drives this exhilarating sport forward.

Moneypenny, a Reichel/Pugh designed 69-foot racing yacht built by McConaghy, is a powerhouse in the world of offshore maxi yacht racing. Renowned for its speed and agility, Moneypenny has garnered significant accolades, including a standout performance in the 2022 Noakes Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race. Owner Sean Langman, who also serves as the Managing Director of Noakes Group, celebrated his third IRC victory in this race, having previously won with Grundig Xena and Grundig. Moneypenny's impressive finish in the 2022 race, where they finished 24 minutes ahead of its closest competitor on corrected time, underscores the yacht's exceptional capabilities and the proficiency of its crew.

In a recent interview, Josh Alexander, Boat Captain onboard Moneypenny, emphasized the importance of team cohesion and their strategic focus on building a stellar crew. He acknowledged that in the past, the team dynamics might not have been perfect, but the current crew's synergy is a game-changer. The crew for the upcoming races includes several new members, such as Max Brennan from the YSA, who bring fresh energy to the team. The Moneypenny team is actively involved in giving young, ambitious sailors a platform to gain experience, and Max is excited for the challenge ahead. “It is great being able to join such an experienced team for this edition of the Gold Coast race. At the moment, it is all about learning as many new things as possible and picking everyone’s brain.”

Josh is particularly excited about having 50% of the Hobart Crew sailing with them, indicating a mix of seasoned sailors and new talent that promises to enhance their performance.

Josh also reflected on the competition, noting the consistent challenge posed by yachts like URM Group and Whisper, which always feature solid crews. He expressed confidence in Moneypenny's ability to secure a podium finish and even aim for Line Honours, given the right conditions. Despite the fierce competition, Langman believes that Moneypenny's strong team and strategic planning position them well for success in the upcoming races, including the prestigious Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.