From the rail | 2019 Day 3

From the rail | 2019 Day 3

From watching F1 racing to whale watching and everything inbetween

It has been an a day of many things. From line honours being claimed, whales being watched, sailing soaking up the sun and watching the Formula 1 on the tv. Read about what life is like on board today.



At 0945 Drumfire 4nm S of Cape Byron with 11- 12kts of flat water and a south west wind blowing. 

In a pack of similar boats, Minerva, wot next pretty woman, Pekljus. We have carried an A2 through since north of Coffs. Our pack got caught under a rainy windless home of a cloud last night off Coffs Harbour which re-ordered the pack. We got stuck in a hole and watched the fleet sail up to and past us as we were tucking into our food.

We actually got some rain for about an hour at midnight but has been glorious since. Killer sunrise.  

Now flat water and tussling to get ahead of the pack which we seem to be doing, most boats headed inshore and are stuck on the wrong side of a shift. Sail exchange decided they would like to check out Norfolk Island quickly and are on their way back now.

Too many lollies being consumed, everyone pinging off the walls. Missed two whales by approx three metres at sunrise. Most crew were three feet off the deck

Currently got the F1 Grand Prix on the big screen and the whole gang in good spirits.



Making their way up the final stretch to the finish